martes 13 de enero de 2009

Misery Depot review @ Project Fanboy

Sebastian Piccione of Project Fanboy reviews Misery Depot:
This was one of those rare occasions, where I walked into a review cold, having absolutely no idea what I'd find. And, oh, what a find it was! I don't want to give away anything more to the plot than is in the publisher's blurb, as this is one of 100% plot driven stories you always search for.

Misery Depot is a wonderfully written and superbly drawn adventure into the darker side of family life. Not hacker mover dark, but the much more frightening and subtle darkness that seems more science possiblity than science fiction. This is one of those wonderful stories, in which, even when you see the end coming, the agonizing truth and finality of it STILL has that heart-wrenching impact that the authors intended. And worse, there's that part of you that that sympathises with both sides. The part of you that says "I can see why you would..." while another part of you worries "But what if someone were to do that to me..."

The story moves at an incredible pace and truly carries you along with it. The art is gorgeous, filled with mood and feeling. The colors are stark enough that you can almost feel the chill, both of the character's predominate lack of clothing, and that other chill, the one of sheer dread.

If you like realistic stories of the human psyche mixed with a dabbling of fully realizeable sci-fi, then I suggest you head over to and check out Misery Depot.

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