viernes 2 de enero de 2009

The Figthing Stranger: also free by Juan Romera

The Figthing Stranger is a webcomic about an amnesiac masked man, in search of a free meal while attempting to ignore a dancing robot. So far.

Another free webcomic drawn by Juan Romera and written by Adam J. Monetta. Updates weekly at Drunk Duck.

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miércoles 12 de noviembre de 2008

Misery Depot review @ Ain't it Cool News

Ambush Bug from Ain't it Cool News comic reviews Misery Depot:

Not one of the most uplifting reads, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. I really liked this book for various reasons. Mostly because the main character isn’t a buxom beauty, but an elderly woman trying to understand the world she has woken up in. I also love the way this mystery unfolds and slaps you in the face with a shocker of an ending. Writer Hermes Pique does a great job of setting up a mysterious circumstance and keeping mum about the reveal until the very end. At the same time, upon second reading, the story takes on a very different tone, which makes for an even more fulfilling reading experience. There’s an awful lot of elderly nudity for artist Juan Romera to draw, but the nudity is not gratuitous; it simply adds to the palpable feeling of dread that seeps into and around every inch of this book. This is a really intriguing debut--a one-shot that leaves quite a mark after the last page is turned.

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lunes 20 de octubre de 2008

Flahback Universe gives Misery Depot its first shout out

Thanks to Jim Shelley of the FlashBack Universe, one of the first publishers -if not the first- to distribute its comics exclusively in cbr format, Misery Depot gets its first shout out of the blogosphere. Shelley's latest installment of Free Comics Monday features Misery Depot as an example of free comics available on the web.

The FlashBack Universe currently offers 9 free colorful super-hero comics designed for computer screens, such as Saturn Knight below. Download them here.

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jueves 16 de octubre de 2008

Misery Depot begins

Misery Depot is a free mystery/science fiction comic drawn by Juan Romera and written by Hermés Piqué, intended for mature audiences. Read it online or download it at, and come back to this blog to check for updates.


An anomaly causes an elderly mother to awake undressed inside a humid capsule. The voice of her daughter echoes in her memory, the intent of her words forgotten. Was she sharing the completeness of their unity, or hatefully wishing her mother's demise?

A seemingly infinite corridor of capsules hosts hundreds of persons, calmly sleeping, miserable underneath. Yet, an old man shares the mother's awareness, and is even certain of the nature of the place: a high-technology concentration camp; the second one for him to escape...

The story continues at

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