How to Change Favicon in Blogger (Blogspot)?

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How to Change Favicon in Blogger (Blogspot)?

How to Change Favicon in Blogger (Blogspot)? - Talking about blogs is sometimes considered quite fun and sometimes it is considered quite difficult. The reason is, to become a blog writer requires extraordinary effort and creative ideas that must be carried out continuously.

Well, because here I use the Blogger platform or commonly known as Blogspot, so I will also talk about a few basic tutorials as a start in developing your blog, more precisely I will discuss briefly favicon images. Hopefully, this is useful, especially for beginners.

What is Favicon?

Favicon or "favorite icon" is an icon image that functions as the favorite logo of an online web or blog. It is typically displayed in the browser's address bar, bookmarks, and tabs when a user visits the site. In the case of Blogger, the favicon appears next to the blog's title on the browser tab. If you are browsing and looking for some information online, you will see a small icon in each corner at the top of the blog page tab. That is what is called the blog favicon.

What are the functions and Benefits of Favicon?

As I briefly explained above, the favicon stands for favorite icon, so its function is as a small logo rather than a blog that is exposed on top of each browser page tab. Of course, this logo is an important identity that must be owned by all bloggers in order to develop their writing on the blog.

Enhances Branding

Having a favicon is essential for branding purposes. It serves as a visual representation of your blog and helps users identify and remember your site easily. By using a favicon that aligns with your blog's design and theme, you can create a cohesive and professional brand image.

Improves User Experience

In the vast sea of websites and blogs on the internet, a favicon acts as a visual cue for users to differentiate and locate your blog quickly. When users have multiple tabs open, a favicon helps them identify your blog effortlessly, even with just a quick glance. This improves the overall user experience and encourages users to revisit your site.

Adds Professionalism

A favicon adds a touch of professionalism to your blog. It shows that you have taken the time and effort to pay attention to the details. By having a well-designed favicon, you convey a sense of credibility and trustworthiness to your visitors, increasing the chances of them engaging with your content.

Increases Brand Recall

A well-designed favicon can leave a lasting impression on users. When they see your favicon across different platforms, such as bookmarks or social media shares, it reinforces your brand and increases brand recall. This can lead to increased traffic and engagement as users associate your favicon with your blog's content and quality.

How to Change Blog Favicon in Blogger (Blogspot)?

As I have reviewed in the introduction above, here I will only discuss a short tutorial on the Blogger or Blogspot platform. Usually, the blogger platform already facilitates every Blogspot user with a default favicon, which is a small image that says the letter B which indicates the meaning of "Blogger". However, you can also replace the favicon image with another icon image as you like.

On the classic Blogger platform, the way to change the favicon is in each page layout menu. However, after modifying the platform that occurred in 2020, namely the Blogger Interface, every blogger user can replace the favicon image in the settings page menu. The method can be done more or less as the steps below:

  1. Go to Blogger dashboard
  2. Click “Settings” menu with the gear icon on the left.
  3. In the "Basic" setting (at the top), click "Favicon".
  4. A new page will appear, then click “Choose file”.
  5. Find the icon image on your computer or laptop, then click "Ok".
  6. Click “Save”.

So, to do this, beforehand, please prepare a square image on your computer or laptop and make sure the image size is less than 100 Kb. You can make an icon image in several photo editor software such as Photoshop, Corel, or other software.

However, don't panic if after you upload the favicon image and it's successful, it turns out that the favicon image on your blog hasn't changed. You only need to wait for a few minutes for the image to actually appear online.