How to Change Published Post URL in Blogger

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How to Change Published Post URL in Blogger

How to Change Published Post URL in Blogger - URL or "Uniform Resource Locator" is an address used on a website or blog. With this address, user can go to the location where the page is loaded. By placing the URL in the search tabs column of the browser, everyone will be able to access the website page contained in the URL correctly.

In operation, Blogger (blogspot) users can automatically determine the URL address on the article creation page according to the title of the article that has been created. Blogger (blogspot) users can also set the blog's URL address as they wish, namely by pressing the "Permalink" menu on the right side of the article creation page, then selecting "Custom Permalink".

In the Blogger platform, users cannot customize the URL address for posting articles as a whole. The two numeric codes separated by a slash (/) indicate the year and month the post was created at that time. Both of these are permanently determined by default by Blogger, blogger platform users cannot change both. 

Blogger platform users can only customize the URL address after the two number codes mentioned above. Make sure the blog post URL address matches the keywords in the blog title because that will make it easier for search engines to find the blog keywords. Make sure each word in the blog post URL address is separated by a dash (-), and try not to use certain numbers, symbols, and characters in customizing the blog URL address.

How to Change Post URL in Blogger After Published

In certain cases, Blogger (Blogspot) users try to change the post URL address due to certain problems, for example wanting to make the URL more SEO, index issues in Google Search Console (GSC), writing errors, and certain other reasons.

Unfortunately, there is no button to change the URL address on a published blog post, so some users will bother deleting the blog post, creating a new blog post that is the same and doing a little URL editing, then publishing it publicly.

If you really want to change the URL address on a post that has been published, then I suggest that you don't have to do such a bothersome thing. There is an easier and faster way to change the URL address in a published blog post, see the steps and explanation below:

1. Login to your Blogger account.

2. Click "Posts" menu.

3. Select and open the article post you want to change the URL address for.

4. Click the down triangle icon on "Preview".

5. Select "Revert to Draft".

Revert to Draft to Change Published Post URL in Blogger

6. Select the "Permalink" menu then select "Custom Permalink (Special Permalink)".

Custom Permalink to Change URL Post in Blogger

7. Please customize the new URL address yourself, then click "Publish".

You need to know, changing the URL address of a post that has been published will result in duplicate content on the Google Search Engine because the URL address of the previous post is recorded as not found (404) so that it can affect the quality of the blog's SEO on the Google Search Engine.

Sometimes also, the URL address of a new post that has been published is quite difficult to be indexed by Google Search Engine. This happens in some cases, depending on how the HTML code in your template is structured and the robot.txt settings. Make sure to do this tutorial if you really have to do it. That's how to change the URL on a blog post that has been published, I hope this is useful, thank you for visiting.